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Why call some other "Geeks" when you already have some "Nerds" here? | Located in Greenacres - We are PC pickup -- We Come To You.

Virus & Malware Removal | Slow PC | Lost Passwords | DATA Backups | WiFi | DATA Recovery | Remote PC support | HELPdesk

Ransomware - Malware - Viruses and Slow PCs all effect our overall productivity and enjoyment of computers. PC pickup will remove your problems and return your PC back to you with your DATA intact. We'll come to you or we can provide "Remote Technical Support" and you won't have to clean off your desk even.

Home | Home Office (a Home based Business) | Small Business | Commuter Support

We support "Homes" (Families with PCs) - "Home Offices" (Businesses located inside a Home) - "Small Businesses" (Business with it's own Office location) each type of Business or dwelling has a specific skill set that is needed to diagnose and understand what is needed. A small business will have different networking needs than a Home or Home Office, our Pricing and "Memberships" reflect the differences in these skillsets. In addition we provide "Commuter Support" we will come to your office and pickup for "Service" or deliver a "Serviced" laptop or PC.

Store Front | Point Of Sale (systems) | Video surveilance & Security

We also support "Store Front Businesses" along: the Avenue of Fashion | 6 Mile Livernois | 7 Mile Llivernois | 8 Mile Livernois (Businesses with "Point Of Sale" terminals). Including Video Security installations and other POS cabling. HarborTouch POS and BLE (Bluetooth) Beacons for customer monitoring and interactions.

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